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Student Permission to Travel


15 January 2021



Dear UM Staff and Students,



Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity Due to Uncertainties of the Covid-19 Pandemic


With reference to our earlier email dated 15 January 2020, we would like to remind you that since 1 January 2017, the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & International) only handled Permission to Travel for UM students (Undergraduate/ Postgraduate) who participated in any studies, attachment or official activities ABROAD.


Please ensure that students submit the completed application form to our office not less than 21 days (3 weeks) before the date of travel and not after the travel has taken place. failing which, students may not be granted permission to travel and the university will not be legally liable for such travel. In addition, students will have problems getting reimbursed, if applicable, when they do not have the official permission to travel. 


For all LOCAL activities (in Malaysia which includes Kuala Lumpur), it is sufficient for the Head of the Academic PTjs (Dean/Director of Faculties/Academies, Institutes/Centres) to grant permission to the students under their respective PTjs.


Research Assistants (RA) who are not registered as UM students, must obtain approval from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation).


Effective 1 February 2020, students are required to purchase their own travel insurance (either for domestic or overseas travel) prior to leaving the university/country to safeguard themselves and to entitle them to comprehensive coverage such as repatriation benefits, hospitalization, overseas medical care as a result of an accident or illness if ever an unforeseen circumstance presents itself.


In addition to the above requirements and due to uncertainties of the Covid-19 Pandemic, students are required to complete the additional form ie. Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity, which has been added in the revised application form. Please download the latest application form - Permission to Travel (Overseas) for UM Students (Rev. 4/Jan 2021). This form has also been uploaded in the Student Portal and made available on the UM Academic & International Website.




1.       Heads of PTjs are requested to notify students on this new requirement.

2.       Personal details as provided in the Permission to Travel (Overseas) Form:

             (1)    will be retained by the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & International) for the purpose of contacting the student 

                     with information relevant to their placement

             (2)    may be used for data analysis and process improvement.


Your attention and cooperation in this matter is appreciated.



Yours sincerely,





Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & International)


cc.       Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation)

            Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs Division)

            Financial Controller/Bursar

            Associate Vice-Chancellor (International)

            Director, International Student Centre (ISC)

Download Application Form Permission to Travel Overseas (Rev.4 Jan 2021)

Announcement Permission to Travel Form Student (Overseas) - Rev.4Jan2021

Last Update: 28/09/2021