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Director's Message

Assalamu’alaikum wbt. and Warm Greetings,

The announcement on the rebranding of Curriculum Development Center to Academic Strategic Planning Centre (ASP Centre) is effective from 1st October 2018, in line with the restructuring of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & International) Portfolio.

ASP Centre is divided into 3 units - Academic Policy Unit, Academic Planning & Monitoring Unit and Learning Analytics Unit. Academic Policy Unit functions mainly to establish and improvise academic policies and guidelines in line with current requirements of University and the relevant authorities. The Academic Planning & Monitoring Unit will be responsible on curriculum design and development processing of all academic programs offered by the University. While, the Learning Analytics Unit is responsible for coordinating and analysing data related to academic matters.

Hopefully this introduction will provide a brief picture of our role among the campus community. Feel free to browse through our website for more details on our activities.

Prof. Ir. Dr. Rozita Yusoff

Academic Strategic Planning Centre (ASP Centre)


Academic Policy Unit


The Academic Policy Unit has the responsibility to ensure academic policies / guidelines / work instructions drafted are based on research, relevant to current developments and is aligned to the requirements set by the relevant authorities.

The Unit also functions as the secretariat to the Postgraduate Management Committee (JPPIT) and Undergraduate Management Committee (JPPID). The main functions of these committees are to:

  • review and evaluate proposed improvements in the implementation of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate program;


  • recommend to the Senate proposed improvements and/or new proposals to be adopted by the Responsible Centres.

Apart from this, the Unit is also responsible to ensure academic policies approved by the Universities are adhered to by the Responsible Centres.

Academic Planning and Monitoring unit


The Academic Monitoring and Planning Unit has the responsibility of reviewing, evaluating, and ensuring the continuous improvement of academic programmes offered in Universiti Malaya in terms of relevance, currency, comprehensiveness, capability, and effectiveness.

The Unit acts as the secretariat for the Main Curriculum Committee Meeting (Jawatankuasa Induk Kurikulum (JKIK)). The committee was established by the Senate Universiti Malaya to:

  • recommend application of new academic programme, curriculum review of academic programme, termination or consolidation of existing academic programmes, new academic courses application, amendment of academic courses content and application for credit transfer and course exemption to the Senate;

  • approve appointments of Programme External Assessor; and

  • act as the regulatory body to ensure academic programmes offered by the University follow requirements set by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysian Qualifications Agency and other external bodies (if relevant).

Learning Analytic Unit


The Learning Analytics Unit has the responsibility of conducting analyses and providing insights as well as recommendations in assisting the University Management to make data-driven decisions. This is done with the aim of improving as well as enhancing the quality of teaching and learning in academic programmes.

Last Update: 28/04/2022